Illegal Immigration

As Chief Deputy Attorney General, I support HB497, the illegal immigration enforcement-only bill, and will prosecute those who break our laws. Utah has felt the negative economic impact of the federal government’s neglect of our borders, and when Washington fails to act, it is left up to the states to protect our citizens and safeguard our economy.

Second Amendment

The NRA (National Rifle Association) awarded me their highest rating during my years of public service and has endorsed this year.  Utahn’s are gun owners. Our Attorney General needs to be prepared to use our state’s resources to protect our right to defend and protect ourselves through our personal right to bear arms.

State Sovereignty, Personal Liberty & ObamaCare

The United States Constitution established a federal government with limited and defined powers.  My job as Attorney General will be to use the courts to hold the line against federal encroachments on state sovereignty and individual rights.

The federal government has overstepped its limited authority by attempting to force citizens to purchase health insurance.  That is why I have led the case to have Obamacare, with its job-killing mandates, overturned and declared unconstitutional in the Supreme Court.


Utah is facing an aggressive administration that is trying to create more wilderness type lands. Already, in my first two years of service as the Chief Deputy, I have doubled the size of our public lands litigation team.  We have filed suit over the Wild Lands policy, filed notices of intent to litigate against the government over more than 18,000 RS-2477 roads, and worked tirelessly to keep the Sage Grouse from being listed as an endangered species.

As Attorney General I will fight for access to our public lands because Utah, not Washington D.C., knows what is best for our state. Expansive federal policies that cut off access to public lands are killing jobs, hurting our economy, and robbing our children’s classrooms of greatly-needed funding.


The rule of law is the backbone of a vibrant economy.  People need a clearly defined and consistently prosecuted legal framework in order to promote investment and create jobs.  Furthermore, the Attorney General must ensure that Washington does not overstep its bounds by over-regulating business, as it has done with the passage of Obamacare and its never-ending land-grab.


Utah’s Attorney General’s office should be committed to ensuring that Utah law is followed regarding the protection of the money held in trust for Utah’s school children with the State and Institutional Trust Lands (SITLA), for guaranteeing access to public lands so that our economy can grow, and for seeing that SITLA lands are properly managed and the trust for schools is healthy.


The next Attorney General must continue to be very aggressive in protecting our children and families from sexual predators.  It also must be a focus of the AG’s office to fight against financial crime and those who abuse their positions of trust to commit fraud.

During my time as the Chief Deputy Attorney General, I have learned that effective law enforcement starts with local sheriffs. Right now, sheriffs are facing challenges from federal law enforcement officials who are stepping beyond their authority to enforce state laws.  When they need backup to stand against federal overreach, they need to know that Utah’s Attorney General will be there.

Child Pornography

This obscene practice is not protected speech under the First Amendment, and I will aggressively prosecute offenders and seek to limit it in both creation and distribution.

AMBER Alerts

Utah AMBER Alerts have directly resulted in the safe recovery of 16 children.  Our AMBER Alert process is admired by other states and is one that should continue to be utilized in order to return lost or abducted children safely home.

Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC)

Those most egregious internet crimes are those committed against children who are targeted online and in chatrooms by predators.  Utah’s next Attorney General should be familiar with our sting operations, which have resulted in the arrest of dozens of predators.

Human Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery and is tied with the trafficking of firearms as the second largest international criminal industry – right behind the drug trade.  The Attorney General has the responsibility to educate parents and young women on the dangers of sexual predators and help them avoid practices that could lead to their exploitation.

Child Abuse

We must punish those who would put children in harm’s way and work to strengthen and expand programs in the Attorney General’s Office to protect and defend children who have been subjected to abuse and neglect.  This must be done while balancing the safety of the child with respect for the rights of parents and legal guardians.

White Collar Crime

Utah is a hotbed for financial crimes, and that needs to stop.  Utah’s next Attorney General must be prepared to prosecute those who prey on consumers and be tough on criminals who have cheated and deceived Utahns.

Identity Theft

In this era, young children are major victims of ID theft, having their credit used by ID mills to provide false IDs to illegal immigrants.  The SECURE Strike Force of the Attorney General’s office needs to be given the resources to arrest and prosecute all who abuse the identity of children and work with the credit reporting services to allow parents to freeze the credit of their children so that they cannot be victimized by ID theft mills.