John as Chief Deputy

John Swallow became Chief Deputy Attorney General in 2009 and oversees seven civil divisions and all litigation involving the State of Utah.  In addition to his role managing the legal issues of the State of Utah, John is able to utilize his experience as a former partner in a Utah litigation firm and as a former lawmaker in the Utah House of Representatives to help preserve Utah values and to protect Utah rights.

Under John’s leadership, the attorney general’s office filed a lawsuit with 25 other states to overturn President Obama’s unconstitutional health care bill.  After victories in the Federal District Court in Florida and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Georgia, the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in March, 2012 in this landmark case involving the fight for state sovereignty and individual liberty.

John has led out to retain access to Utah lands, for our jobs, our recreation, and our schoolchildren.  As Chief Deputy, John created the Public Lands Litigation Section within the Attorney General’s Office, more than doubling the size of Utah’s Public Lands litigation resources. John’s experience and conservative background give him the expertise needed to be Utah’s Attorney General.

Legal Experience

John Swallow earned his law degree from Brigham Young University where he distinguished himself as a member of the Brigham Young University Law Review.  At BYU, John was privileged to take Constitutional Law from Rex Lee, former Solicitor General of the United States and father of United States Senator Mike Lee.  Following law school, John began his career as a commercial litigator as an associate attorney and later became a shareholder in the minimum amount of time allowed with the distinguished law firm Scalley & Reading, P.C.  As a successful attorney, John was appointed as a Judge Pro Tem for the Third District Court and served in leadership as Vice-Chair and later as Chair of the Business Section of the Utah State Bar.

In 1998, John was asked to become corporate general counsel to a Utah-based dietary supplement company, where he managed litigation for the company.  At that time, John also started his own law practice involving business, real estate, financial, government and corporate matters.

Conservative Champion in the Utah Legislature

In 1996, John Swallow was elected to the Utah House of Representatives where he quickly became the go-to person on the conservative issues of that time.  John led the charge against allowing non-married couples to adopt children.  He sponsored and passed one of the largest tax cuts in Utah history, and was named the 2000 Utah Taxpayer Advocate of the Year by the Utah Taxpayers’ Association.

John was a champion for the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and sponsored and passed legislation protecting that constitutional right.  For his leadership, John was awarded the NRA’s highest rating as a lawmaker.  John also passed legislation protecting the property right of homeowners to be free from maliciously filed liens on their property.  John was also a fearless advocate of the right of parents to choose where they sent their children to school and was on the ground floor of the charter school and sponsored legislation to provide a tuition tax credit for parents and businesses that paid for private school tuition and costs.

For his conservative voting record, John Swallow ranked highest in the Utah House on the Grass Roots report card one year and annually ranked near the top of those serving in the legislature.  As a conservative, John was also recognized by the Utah Association of Realtors, the National Federation of Independent Business, the Utah Food Industry Association, the Mt. Vernon Private School, and the Council of State Governments, which named John as a Henry Toll Fellow, awarded to the 40 top State leaders in the nation.

Conservative Congressional Nominee

In 2002, John ran for the United States Congress, securing the nomination from a crowded field of talented republican candidates.  As the nominee, John maintained his conservative positions and fought against the then popular No Child Left Behind and Medicare Part D, two of George W. Bush’s priorities.  One of John’s memorable experiences of the campaign was when the Vice President’s wife needed to rewrite her speech at a Swallow fundraiser because John would not support the President’s “plan for education.”

Home and Community

John Swallow served Sandy City as a member of its Public Safety Committee, served many years as a little league baseball coach for South East Valley, and has served in his church and community throughout his life.  John Swallow fulfilled a lifelong dream of running a marathon and has been married for 26 years to Suzanne Seader.  He has one married daughter, one daughter who recently returned home from her LDS mission, one daughter who is a sophomore at BYU, a son who is a high school senior and a daughter who is in 8th grade.